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Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Scanning

Gconnect AVS is a hosted Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus platform that uses a suite of Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus engines to detect and remove Internet threats such as unsolicited email and viruses at the Internet level. Every email is processed and checked and scored for spam by our fully redundant clustered platform. Each email is scored against a spam database and if the score is low enough, it is forwarded to the customer's mailbox. If an email's score is too high it can either be tagged as spam in the subject line or diverted to a dedicated spam IMAP mailbox on our servers. This is the most elegant spam filtering system we have found - it needs the minimum of customer intervention but is versatile enough to deal with 'false positives'. Email is also checked against the latest virus signature files and any positives are immediately deleted. Our easy to use control panel lets you set the spam score level and blacklists and whitelists.

Some of the benefits of our AVS solution are:

  • Reduces the amount of spam delivered to your mail servers and end users
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Fully featured control panel
  • Compatible with all mail systems
  • Store and forward queues your email in case of a server outage
  • Fully brandable control panel for Resellers and MSPs
  • Simple, per domain pricing model
  • Easy setup and administration
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