Managed Services

Disaster Recovery

Gconnect provide a variety of disaster recovery solutions designed to help your business manage server failures and network outages. By utilising the latest technologies and software, Gconnect can ensure that your business continues trading without any interruption.
Downtime associated with server and network failure can lead to a sudden loss of revenue. In the worst case scenario it can result in full closure of the business. Surveys show that businesses with a tried and tested disaster recovery policy are much more likely to recover from serious server failure and data loss.
Gconnect has a presence in multiple data centres, which enables us to offer our clients complete redundancy - data can be replicated from our primary sites to back up sites in our data centres.
We utilise software solutions from vendors such as Double Take and CA XO Soft, which allow businesses to replicate data from their offices to Gconnect’s secure data centre. In the event of a disaster this data can be quickly recovered. Servers including full OS and applications can be returned on new hardware to client offices the very next morning ready for immediate use.
Alternatively, businesses can connect to their dedicated DR site using Gconnect’s hosted Citrix platform. This platform allows employees to log-on and access current company data from any Internet connection. This is a perfect solution if an office is out of action as a result of flood or fire damage.

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