National Ethernet

Gconnect partner BT Wholesale provides Etherflow connections. Etherflow is a next-generation, adaptive, high-performance Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN) service. Affordable and reliable, it is the ideal Ethernet service for businesses that have rapidly growing connectivity demands. Etherflow allows organisations to purchase bandwidth as and when they require it with little up front capital investment.

Ethernet Connection Benefits

  • High Speed (1MB - 1GB)
  • Low latency - as low as 10ms
  • Low Jitter - as low as 3ms
  • Supports Jumbo frames (1543 mtu)
  • 99.9% + uptime SLA
  • Affordable
  • National coverage

Next Steps

We'll need the address and postcode of your location to produce a quotation for our Ethernet service, so please email or call our sales team on the number at the top of the page.

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