Gconnect Network - AS33941

Gconnect operate a redundantly linked, multi-homed network in order to provide reliability and consistently high performance for our customers. Whether simple website hosting or a complex MPLS network we are able to provide connectivity with the rest of the internet via a number of different tier 1 providers from diverse locations. Our map below shows these locations and how they are interconnected. All of our POPs (point of presence) have a minimum of two diversely routed connections to other Gconnect POPs. The network is split between Manchester and London. IFL2, Netservices, Synergy House and Telecity Kilburn being in Manchester and Telehouse North and Telehouse East are in Docklands, London.

Gconnect Peering Map


 - POP Gconnect POP
Gconnect network map key - Transit IP transit
Gconnect network map key - Peering LAN Peering point
Gconnect network map key - xDSL L2TP xDSL handoff point

Gconnect transit and peering

Gconnect have selected a number of IP transit providers which we believe gives us a great combination of very low latency and high redundancy for our IP transit. 'Transit' describes our BGP4 peers that send us the entire internet routing table and to whom we advertise our own prefixes. These providers effectively provide 'default routes' to the internet. Here is a list of our current providers:

Provider Description Location
Level3 logo Level 3 are the number one, tier 1 transit provider as defined by www.fixedorbit.com in their 'top ten networks defined by number of peers' list. Telecity Kilburn
Tinel Logo Tiscali International offer resilience by crossing the Atlantic without passing through London. Telecity Kilburn
Global Crossing logo Global Crossing are another tier 1 transit provider, also in the fixed orbit top 10. IFL2
Cogent logo Cogent are a very large tier 1 who provide Gconnect with multiple connections. They are again in the 'top ten networks defined by number of peers' list. IFL2
Netservices logo Netservices provide Gconnect with aggregated backup transit in their Salford POP. Netservices

Gconnect are also members of two peering groups which allow us to exchange our own prefixes with other members of the group. The advantage of this is that we get better access to participating networks and an extra layer of redundancy. We have an open peering policy and can peer at either of the groups listed:

Peering Group Description Location
edgeIX logo Originally called MaNAP and based in Manchester but now has many peering points in the UK and Europe. IFL2
LONAP logo LONAP are a London based peering group with many large networks a members including Akamai and Google Telehouse East

Telehouse North

Please see our peering page here for more details on peering.

L2TP xDSL handoff points

Gconnect aggregate many xDSL (ADSL, SDSL, FTTC, etc) providers tails over L2TP to create MPLS solutions and redundant connectivity. We try to arrange an handover point from each wholesaler in two or more of our POPs which give us options in terms of load balancing and redundancy. The 'handoff' is a dedicated cable, either fibre or copper depending on distance which directly connects our network with the network of the xDSL wholesaler.

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