Hosted SharePoint

Microsoft Hosted Sharepoint by GconnectHosted SharePoint is a powerful web-based collaboration platform from Microsoft. It enables employees to share documents and information easily from any location with an Internet connection.
Our hosted SharePoint solution has been specifically designed to make life easier for you. Customers just need to logon to our portal to setup and provision the platform. The whole process takes a matter of minutes and can have an immediate impact on team productivity and business efficiency.
SharePoint is compatible with a wide range of applications. Excel workbooks can be uploaded to display financial information, and Word documents can be stored in document libraries that can indexed and searched using powerful search tools. Groups and contacts can also be created quickly and later synchronised with Outlook.

Gconnect’s Hosted SharePoint solution also:

  • Provides a single workspace for teams to coordinate schedules and share documents and data
  • Enables users to create and manage documents and use advanced checkout features to ensure security of past revisions
  • Uses powerful workflows to ensure that people and groups are notified when important documents are changed or uploaded; notify employees via email of important workspace changes
  • Creates different types of sites based on templates; for example, Wikis, Blogs, Gantt charts
  • Synchronises your Outlook and mobile device with your SharePoint Calendar
  • Assigns security groups so that sensitive data is only seen by users that should see it
  • Provides a robust environment with document storage, recycle bin item retrieval, and version-control features built in to team workspaces
  • Manages and configures Windows SharePoint Services using a Web browser
  • Allows users to access locations with an Internet connection
  • Comes with 40 free application templates
  • Is equipped with 1GB or 5GB of storage per dedicated SharePoint site
  • Is compatible with all Microsoft Office applications

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